Advice Corner: Candidates – Let your recruiter do the heavy lifting!

Here are some things we can do for candidates:

  1. You can ask your recruiter to find out all the information that can influence your desire to pursue the position such as, salary range, 401k matching, PTO, required travel/on-call, bonus criteria and history. They can find out why this position is available, what is the career path and salary ceiling as well as where is fits on the org chart. Asking these questions too early may turn off the employer, but learning the answers may help you avoid wasting your time.
  2. Your recruiter can follow-up aggressively if you request feedback, allowing you to manage the rest of your search more effectively. If you play your cards right, they will push your potential employer to expedite the interview process making them aware of alternative options you may have. This could put the potential offer on the table in time for an educated decision on your end, without making you look like a jerk.
  3. Negotiating your own salary can be stressful and leave bitter taste in the mouth of your future boss. Being represented by a third party gives you the ultimate advantage – a trained negotiator who is motivated to get you maximum base, since their finder’s fee is a percentage of this amount. They have a relationship with your perspective employer and will know all the right buttons to push and in most cases just how far to push them. All that is needed from you is to set a clear goal in front of your recruiter and be available for updates.