Inside or Outside Sales? –

So you want to pursue a career in sales, but not sure which direction to go? has composed a nice breakdown of both Inside Sales & Outside Sales so you can decide which direction is best for you.
It is important to us at Advanced Recruiting Solutions to understand your strengths and ambitions. When ARS does Inside Sales Recruiting and Outside Sales Recruiting, we make sure to understand your direction and match you with the career that fits you.


“Which is more important: Your independence or your interdependence? Do you cherish your water-cooler time with your peers, or would you rather meet new people every day?

These are just a couple of the factors you should consider when choosing between inside and outside sales. Before you can make a decision, you’ll want to get a handle on the typical daily routines of both positions.”


Outside Sales

A job in outside sales generally suits self-starters. If you work better independently than with a set schedule and team, this may be the field for you.


Inside Sales

If you prefer working a set amount of hours per day in an office, you may be better suited for inside sales


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