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The best firms trust the specialists to do client Intake

The best firms trust the specialists to do client Intake

Need a Client Intake Specialist?

At Advanced Recruiting Solutions, we are the premier experts at recruiting Client Intake positions and know how important it is to find the right partner for your search. As a legal professional, you realize and know how competitive the industry is.  Client Intake is the backbone of your practice.  Without new clients a firm simply cannot grow.  While some law firms rely on paralegals, case managers, and/or receptionists to handle new client calls, the majority of firms have a dedicated department tasked with bringing on new clients.  As a boutique executive search firm, Advanced Recruiting Solutions is the only recruiting firm in the nation that specializes in recruiting, staffing, and headhunting of both Inside Sales professionals and Legal professionals.  The natural combination of those two specialties yields Legal Client Intake.  We do this for small, mid-size and large firms all over the country.  Not only do their client numbers increase, but their overall business improves since legal support professionals (Legal Assistant, Paralegal, Case Manager, etc) are free to concentrate on what they do best.

If your firm is ready to begin the process of recruiting client intake positions, please know that we understand this focus area and have the unmatched ability to recruit the best person for your team. In fact, finding the right person to add to your company is a lot easier when you use our team of specialists. This is because our team has been working to find great talent in the legal sector for years. We know that your client intake is a delicate process that requires someone from your team to interface with a new client and process their information and case quickly and efficiently. During your initial meetings, you want the person handling that client intake on your staff to be alert, focused, and ready to pay attention to detail.

In addition, we know that any person who eventually becomes a part of your team, especially when that person is filling a client intake position, will represent your entire law firm as a whole. This means that it is critical you hire the right personality to match your firm’s atmosphere and present a cohesive front when interacting with your clients. We understand that your clients have come to expect a certain level of representation from you and we at Advanced Recruiting Solutions are here to help you find that right representation and addition. Filling client intake positions with the right talent can help you not only present cohesively to your clients but also allow your firm the ability to scale. We’ve filled many positions in the legal sector over the years, and we know how to find the right candidate for your firm.

Advanced Recruiting Solutions is one of the leaders in the recruiting and staffing industry and is dedicated to finding top-tier talent. Our clients include early-stage startups and cutting-edge private companies, as well as medium size companies and publicly traded companies. When we take a job order for a new position, we hit the ground running. We begin using our various tested resources to find top talent to fit your needs. On average, you can expect to get your first handful of qualified candidates within 3-4 business days from the placement of a job order. With a 96% placement success rate and over 150 satisfied employers nationwide, you can feel confident in our ability to place the right talent in the right places.

If you would like to know more about the process we use when recruiting client intake positions or throughout our recruiting, headhunting, and staffing activities, then please reach out to our team and we will respond quickly. You can reach us by scheduling a 15-minute call here or by submitting the contact form on our website. Feel free to also review our website and read our success stories, including the experiences our clients have had when recruiting client intake positions and using our services in the past.