Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision Software Engineer – 100% Remote!

Posted 2 months ago

We enable Smart Cities through Smart Sensors

We provide the first and only turn-key radar tracking solutions for tracking commercial vehicles. We use millimeter wave radar tech to provide real-time vehicle tracking in three-dimensional space.

We are seeking an IA/Computer Vision Software Engineer to join our rapidly growing team.

What You Need:

At least 5 years of experience with Python, Tensor Flow, and Deep Stream (Nvidia-specific application) in a production environment.

At least 5 years of experience working with image recognition, tracking, and converting an image you have by location needing in a real-world vision and coordinates.

Any C# or C++ or Start-Up experience is a bonus!

Salary requirement: $100K-160K determination based on experience and education.

Please answer all screening questions and complete the phone screening for further consideration! Any applicants that DO NOT complete the phone screening with NOT be considered. It is short and you can re record your answers as many times as needed. Thank you!

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