Lawyer: Plaintiff Auto Accident Attorney: 100% work from home

Posted 2 months ago

The following are not a fit: Contract lawyers, defense attorneys, attorneys where less than 80% of their caseload was PI, lawyers where auto accident/plaintiff personal injury work was only in the past (prior to 2022).

Requirements: 3+ years at the same firm as a plaintiff auto accident attorney, located East of MS.

Personal Injury Attorney

We are seeking a Personal Injury Attorney to become a part of our team!

100% remote.

Location: doesn’t matter as long as your are in the CONUS, have at least 2 years of recent Personal Injury Attorney experience, a 3 year job stint at the same firm and are either:

1. located East of the MS (example: KY)


2. licensed in in multiple states in the country (example: CA and OR)

This is a base salary + bonus + benefits position.
The salary is negotiable (they pay the best salaries in the business)
Bonuses should get you well into/beyond the 6 figure range.

This is work from home, though, depending on where you’re located: the firm may have an office and/or will provide a place for you to meet with clients. net net: location doesn’t matter, we’ll make it work!

You will represent clients in legal proceedings, draw up legal documents and advise clients on legal transactions as they relate to personal injury, auto accident, bodily injury cases (plaintiff side).

Habla Espanol? Let us know!!!

* Represent clients in court
* Prepare and draft legal documents on behalf of clients
* Advise clients on business and legal transactions
* Negotiate settlements for legal disputes
* Comply with all legal standards and regulations
* Perform administrative and management functions related to the practice of law

* Previous experience in Personal Injury law
* Familiarity with various legal documents
* Strong analytical and problem solving skills
* Ability to build rapport with clients
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills

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