Software Engineer: C# expert and C++ strong – 100% remote – W2, salary

Posted 2 months ago

We are a software startup company based out of Charleston, SC that has secured a number of state/municipality contracts to roll out and implement our smart sensor to cities around the country.

A combination of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Radar Technology (built primarily with C#, C++ and a React front end) our solution is revolutionizing the way traffic patterns and transportation is monitored.

We are needing a top level technical lead to help manage our staff. This person MUST BE:

1. An expert in C#. Using the latest/greatest and developing new applications and solving new problems (not an old legacy modification coder)

2. Fairly strong in C++. 5 years minimum. And must be fairly recently. We realize that C# is your jam, but you’ve got to know how the back end works and be a 7 out of 10 with your coding abilities.

If this is you, then please apply asap with a copy of your UPDATED resume. We’re looking for job stability, a career progression, and an affinity for picking up and learning new things. If it all lines up we’ll set up a quick intake call/interview and then we’ll get you set up with the end client.

What they offer is a salary up to $200K, W2 , benefits, or 1099 tax terms (whichever you prefer) a flexible work environment/schedule and it’s 100% remote. You will NEVER have to travel to an office.

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